Chris Chang Fitness


When I initially booked the first free trial session I had no intention of signing up for any personal training at Equinox as I worked with other trainers (from Equinox, TMPL Gym, etc.) and did not really see much improvement. I’m not saying that the training was bad, but once the 1-hour personal training session was up, there was no additional follow through, plan, or anything until the next session. But during the initial assessment, Chris created a short term and long term roadmap on what we would work and focus on so that I would be able to achieve my goals —surprisingly, no one has done this before —so I took a chance and signed up for the 48-session package with Chris.

Chris does not only care about the workout during the 1-hour session, but between every session —for example, he asks me to text him photos of everything I eat during the day, etc. I don’t think any other trainer has done this and consistently follows through. Just from doing this, I became more cognizant of what I am eating and know that this played a significant role in this overall journey. Just after the two months of training with Chris, I’ve became more motivated and gained more confidence —to the extent that my employees say that I’m a new person after training lol

I’ve been working with Chris for about four months now and we started off with sessions 3x a week and now I am working with him 5x a week, because I see myself becoming healthier, fitter, and ultimately the best version of myself. I’d have to say that Chris is by far the best personal trainer I’ve had and knows that it’s not just fitness —it’s life lol
— Chris, 23, President and CEO of Command Education, June 2018

I’m not an easy client. I came to Chris after a shoulder surgery with other other malfunctioning joints. I chose him because of his background in engineering and it paid off. His methodical approach to assessing my limitations, designing a program to work around them has helped me get almost all the way back to where I was. He is naturally curious, engaged, and always learning and as his client I’ve benefited at every step of the way. Plus, he’s a fun person to be around.
— Jefferson, 36, February 2017